California Boys Turn Corporate Experience into Fun-Fueled Startup Success with Float Factory - Float Factory

California Boys Turn Corporate Experience into Fun-Fueled Startup Success with Float Factory


Meet Patrick and Tommy Frank, two brothers from San Diego, California, who swapped their business suits for swimsuits and embarked on an exciting journey in the world of startups. Fueled by their passion for fun and a desire to create something anti-corporate, they co-founded Float Factory, a company dedicated to producing the world's craziest inflatable water toys. This article explores the Frank brothers' entrepreneurial journey, their unique approach to business, and the rapid success of Float Factory's innovative and exhilarating products.

From Corporate to Startup: The Birth of Float Factory

Patrick Frank, a San Diego native, initially entered the corporate world straight after college but found himself continuously getting fired from jobs. This led him to rethink his career path and, together with his brother Tommy, venture into the world of startups. Their aim was to create a business model that prioritized fun over the corporate norm, a perfect fit for their adventurous spirits.

Inception of Float Factory: Finding Fun in Water Toys

As the Frank brothers delved into the startup world, they launched their first venture in the healthcare sector. However, they felt the need to keep things fun and reminiscent of their carefree childhood days. This desire gave birth to Float Factory, a company on a mission to produce the wildest inflatable water toys imaginable. The idea struck them during a friend's bachelor camping party, where they found themselves floating around on inflatable unicorns, swans, and pizza slices. The brothers envisioned something even more exciting, and inspiration hit when they began playing with toy tanks.

Float Factory's Rise to Success: More than Just Floating

Float Factory's initial product launch, the Pool Punisher Collection, featured military-style tanks equipped with water cannons that could soak friends up to 30 feet away. The unique and action-packed concept proved to be a huge hit, propelling the startup to success. Following this triumph, Float Factory introduced other exhilarating products, all designed with one common goal: to provide an absurd amount of fun and adventure beyond just floating.

Since its establishment in 2021, Float Factory has achieved remarkable sales, generating over $1 million in revenue and selling more than 10,000 units.

The Future of Float Factory: Partnering with Formula One Racing Brands

Not content to rest on their laurels, Float Factory is continually pushing the boundaries of fun. This year, the startup is collaborating with well-known Formula One racing brands to launch its Fast Collection of floats. Inspired by the popular Netflix series "Formula 1: Drive to Survive" and the excitement of Formula 1 events in cities like Vegas, Austin, and Miami, Float Factory's inflatable cars are designed to provide a racecar experience on water. Equipped with multi-directional steering, these floats can zip around lakes and pools while accommodating two drivers at once.

Challenges of Rapid Expansion: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey

The path to success hasn't been a leisurely ride for Patrick and Tommy Frank. As Float Factory rapidly expanded, they faced the challenges and tough decisions that come with running a startup. Working tirelessly, they designed action-packed floats during off-hours and devoted countless late nights to ensure the company's growth and success.

Embracing Entrepreneurial Freedom and Creativity

Despite the difficulties, Patrick wouldn't trade his entrepreneurial journey for anything else. For him and his brother, the most valuable aspect of being entrepreneurs is the freedom to express their creativity. Every day, they encounter individuals trapped in traditional salary jobs, yearning for a chance to break free and unleash their creativity.

To the Frank brothers, being a successful entrepreneur means daring to do things that others may fear. They avoid following the conventional path of merely repackaging existing products and instead focus on offering innovative and attention-grabbing creations. Even when things don't go as planned, they take ownership of both their wins and mistakes, embracing the learning experience.

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Take Action and Embrace Momentum

Patrick and Tommy believe that the key to success lies in taking action and maintaining momentum. Overthinking and analyzing too much can lead to stagnation, hindering progress. Instead, they urge aspiring entrepreneurs to trust their instincts, get out of their heads, and take that crucial first step. By getting the ball rolling, many obstacles naturally fall away, paving the way for creativity and success.

Float Factory, born from the desire to inject fun into entrepreneurship, has transformed into a successful venture offering the wildest inflatable water toys. Patrick and Tommy Frank's unyielding commitment to creativity, freedom, and innovation has propelled them to the forefront of the startup world. As they continue to challenge the norm and inspire others to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, Float Factory promises to keep the California Boys' business suits traded for swimsuits, on an exhilarating ride of fun and adventure. For more on Float Factory's exciting products and journey, visit

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