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Float Factory Pool Floats Review: Unleashing Fun and Durability for Your Summer Pool Adventures


Looking for an exciting pool float experience this summer? Dive into the world of Float Factory pool floats! Discover their durable construction, unique designs, and engaging features that will make your pool time unforgettable. Read our in-depth review and find out why Float Factory floats are a must-have for a fun-filled summer. Check out the review on Reviewed.USAToday.com.


When it comes to pool toys, Float Factory takes the game to the next level with its extraordinary inflatable designs. From water gun-equipped army tanks to race cars with water-safe motors, these giant interactive pool floats offer a new level of excitement. In this review, we'll explore why Float Factory pool floats have caught our attention and why they are a fantastic choice for engaging and enjoyable pool experiences.


  1. Strong and Durable Material:

Float Factory pool floats are constructed using military-grade 30 mm vinyl, which ensures exceptional strength and durability. The thickness of the vinyl is immediately noticeable upon unboxing, setting them apart from other pool floats that often feel thin and flimsy. This sturdiness not only promises long-lasting use but also provides resistance against punctures—an essential feature when children are involved. Moreover, the thicker vinyl safeguards the floats from accelerated wear and tear caused by prolonged sun exposure.

  1. Fun Designs with Interactive Features:

One of the standout features of Float Factory pool floats is their extensive range of designs, each offering unique and engaging elements. For instance, the Admiral Punisher float boasts a built-in water blaster, providing endless fun in the pool. Meanwhile, the race car float comes with a wind-powered option and an optional joystick-style Hydro-Float Motor, allowing it to glide through the water at speeds of up to five miles per hour. These innovative features make Float Factory floats a highlight of any pool party and guarantee hours of excitement.


  1. Air Pump Not Included:

One drawback is that Float Factory pool floats do not come with an air pump, requiring an additional purchase. While you can manually inflate them using your breath or a hairdryer, the size of these floats makes it impractical. Float Factory sells a compatible air pump, but any standard air pump should suffice.

  1. Storage Space Requirements:

Due to their large size, Float Factory inflatables can pose challenges when it comes to storage. The Admiral Punisher float measures about four feet long and two feet wide, while the race car float reaches a length of approximately five feet. Finding adequate storage space may be a concern, especially when the seasons change. It is recommended to have a dedicated storage area, such as an outdoor storage box or backyard shed, to protect the floats from harsh elements like sun, hail, or debris.


Float Factory pool floats offer an unparalleled pool experience with their durability, engaging designs, and interactive features. While they come at a higher price point compared to conventional pool floats, the hours of fun and excitement they provide make them a worthwhile investment. With their robust construction, Float Factory floats are built to last, ensuring many summers of enjoyment. If you're looking to elevate your pool adventures and create lasting memories, Float Factory pool floats are an excellent choice.

Read the full review of Float Factory pool floats on Reviewed.USAToday.com to explore their exceptional features and find out why they are a must-have for a fun-filled summer.

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