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Float Factory’s Summer Delight with A-List Influencers

The summer heat is scorching, and Float Factory is making the most of it with a star-studded extravaganza. This season, celebrities and influencers are spreading sunshine joy across the country, indulging in summer fun at swimming pools, lakes, and beachfront resorts.

One of the prominent influencers associated with Float Factory is Demi Bagby, also known as Demi Baby. With over two million followers, she has become a fitness sensation and social media megastar. Demi's video tutorials and workouts cover an impressive range, from CrossFit, weightlifting, and calisthenics to yoga, parkour, cheerleading, acrobatics, skateboarding, surfing, and martial arts.

Demi Bagby's journey to success was not without challenges. In 2014, she suffered a freak accident during a cheerleading stunt, breaking her back and leaving her paralyzed for three months. However, her indomitable spirit led her to discover a passion for CrossFit and calisthenics during her recovery. Remarkably, within a year, she achieved an impressive ranking in the US CrossFit Open and continued to soar in the fitness world.

Demi uses her personal story to inspire and motivate her followers, not just in achieving fitness goals, but also conquering life's obstacles. While her social media often showcases her breaking a sweat during workouts, she also finds time to relax and cool off in her two favorite inflatables from Float Factory.

One of Demi's recent Instagram pictures captures her joyfully aiming the water cannon of her Pool Punisher tank-style float. With a continuous supply of water from the pool, she soaks her "enemy combatants" up to 30 feet away. The picture, captioned "MIA," showcases her exuberance for summer fun.

Her second inflatable, a red and black Formula One racer, provides the perfect setting for relaxation, complete with back supports, armrests, and dual cup holders. Demi's summer seems to be an absolute blast!

Another celebrity enjoying Float Factory's inflatables is none other than Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero, known by his stage name Luis Fonsi. Famous for his hit song "Despacito" featuring Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi has received numerous accolades and awards for his music.

However, his recent Instagram post focuses on his summer escapades rather than music. The post features Fonsi racing across the pool in a red-and-black Formula One-style race car inflatable. Equipped with multi-directional steering and a Hydro Motor, he's all set to make waves this summer.

Model and Instagram influencer, Alexa Collins, known for her work with well-known brands like Baja Bae tanning lotion, LaBoom By Crystal tanning lotion, and TBS Swimwear, is also embracing the summer with Float Factory. With over 3 million followers, her stylish bikini pictures have garnered a significant following.

Alexa delighted her followers with an unboxing video of her blue and gray Formula One-style racecar inflatable from Float Factory. The subsequent pictures showed her having a blast, cruising in her fully inflated car.

These influencers have earned the trust of their followers through authenticity. When they endorse a product, their audience knows it comes from genuine experience and knowledge. Float Factory wisely partners with such content creators to leverage their credibility

Collaborations like these prove to be mutually beneficial for both brands and influencers. Brands gain access to an engaged audience that values the recommendations of their favorite content creators, while influencers get to promote products they genuinely love. Float Factory's association with these influencers has helped them grow their audience and connect with new customers.

As summer continues to sizzle, Float Factory and its star-studded influencers are enjoying every moment of the fantastic summer season.

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